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  • The Wedding Salon Los Angeles Event

    Mia Natsume

    Posted on March 01 2017

    The Wedding Salon Los Angeles Event
    Wedding Salon and Ticings Invite You to Tie Up Your Loose Ends Before You Tie The Knot...
  • Happy New Year 2017

    Mia Natsume

    Posted on December 30 2016

    Happy New Year 2017
    We're keeping our outlook rosy with these strawberry glazed donuts plus a confetti mix ...
  • Simply Sweet

    Ashley Denisov

    Posted on December 03 2016

    Simply Sweet
    Add Ticings dark chocolate and naturally colored sprinkles to any store bought cookie for a quick custom dessert for last minute guests.
  • Ticings Sprinkles for the finishing touch

    Mia Natsume

    Posted on October 07 2016